Find yourself a party float and doan your feathers. This tutti frutti Hazy IPA brings a colourful celebration to your taste buds that will have your mouth dancing into the evening. Be Bold. Lemon, Lime and Bergamot with some big Mango vibes to bring you all the zest you need.

View Carnaval - Hazy IPA

Beer Styles and low Carbon Miles  - The future of beer is about loving our own.  We have made a homegrown ALL NZ malt ALL NZ hop IPA to pay homage to our wonderful NZ grains from the Southern Plains, and tip top Nelsonian hops. Love you guys! This NZ IPA is a bassinet woven from Pilsner, Lager and Crystal malts that cradles the bright, bold and sprightly flavours of Waimea, Nelson Sauvin, Riwaka and Nectaron. Ice cold Lemon and Lime bitters, Pink grapefruit, Passionfruit fruit medley whirl of medicinal dankness and fresh cut grass.

View Homeslice - NZ IPA

Here in the Onetangi Valley, we are a social bunch. Our gregarious nature and penchant for the finer things in life have inspired this rendition of a classic IPA. Built with conviviality in mind, this surprisingly sessionable beer is best shared in the company of others. Here is some cold froth to match your banter. We have used a hedonistic amount of delicious hops on an ale and toffee malt backbone. Charge your glass; life needs more cheers! The big three C's of the hop kingdom—Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops—along with their kiwi cousin, Nelson Sauvin, are brewed on a toffee and crystal base, resulting in a well-balanced, all-around IPA.

View Onetangi Social Club - IPA

Ahoy, Scallywags! Prepare to set sail on a swashbuckling voyage with this tasty wee Porter that'll have you singing sea shanties `til dawn. A bounty of ale and chocolate malts pillaged from distant shores, with a final dash of molasses thrown into the kettle. Plunder your Pieces of Eight and treat your buccaneers to a round, or stand alone on the plank and savour this deliciously smooth number. Sticky date pudding, espresso martini, silky oat, and chocolate pudding aromas with a touch of Sabro hops to bring through subtle coconut and tropical hop notes. Put on your slippers and snuggle up with this one.

View Pirate Hour - Porter

So crisp, so fresh, so clean! This is our journey into the Eukanot, Cryo-pop, and Simco hop showcase. Double dry-hopped to provide an ample burst of West Coast sticky pine resin, pineapple, and subtle citrus on an easy-breezy, beautiful bed of New Zealand pilsner malt, with a true lager yeast pillow. It's a Resinator celebration.

View West Coast Pilsner

Don't be afraid of the Dark! This little Dark Ale provides light refreshment while maintaining its dark facade. Eat your carrots and embrace the darkness; let it be your friend. You'll be surprised; this is one smooth little number. This little nugget of a Dark Ale showcases a neutral ester profile, with a touch of Nelson Sauvin dry-hop, to highlight the Fuggles + Motueka hop combo in the kettle. Subtle malt notes provide the color with caramel and chocolate tones, without the astringency of other dark beers.

View Into The Dark

The Southern Cross stars have long guided navigators of the Pacific Ocean.  Two of the major stars in the set point directly to the South Pole.  These stars have also provided navigation for this well balanced New Zealand Lager. Brewed with a Light Pilsner base, and a touch of Munich for some malt structure.  The real hero of this beer is the three kettle additions of the NZ Southern Cross hop to provide a balanced citrus bitterness.  This beer was then lagered cold, South Pole cold. Refreshing Lager, well structured with a hint of hop citrus.

View Southern Cross Lager

Our Bohemian style Pilsner Bier is brewed using imported floor-malted pilsner malt, lager yeast and traditional Czech Saaz hops.

Golden bright with a thick mousse-like head. Bold, bready, rich, round and malty with a floral bouquet on the nose. Cool, clean and satisfying. Na Zdravi!

View Pilsner Bier

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