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Like a bullet from Colt, this High Ace beer comes together by blending 3 types of base malts, a sling of vienna and a knapsack full of wheat. Hellaciously bittered in the kettle with some of the most high falutin’ Mosaic Cryo a Cowboy could find, then finished off with a horse kick's worth of Nelson Sauvin in the whirlpool. Round out this beer comes a flapdoodle of Strata CGX, Riwaka and Mosaic Cryo guaranteeing a hootenanny of a good time!

Spicy grapefruit fruit leather cowboy boots. Green and white poached strawberries. Blueberry musk and cactus cool lime.

View Heading West - WCIPA

Counting ca$h or potting up seedlings, it’s best you protect them thumbs with Green Thimbles. Brewed with our special in-house blend of oats and wheat, Thimbles sees hot side hopping of Citra Cryo and Idaho7 before it's dealt out a fair hand of El Dorado, Mosaic Cryo and HBC586 in the dryhop. Like a plaster on the other thumb, this beer is fermented with our house hazy strain to wrap it all together.

Black tea, Guava and papaya soused in lime juice. Fruit bowl ripened mandarins,spicy bubblegum and vanilla spiked vape juice.

View Green Thimbles - Hazy IPA

Dinkel Helles; a pale, Spelted lager made by threshing together Pilsner and Vienna malts with New Zealand grown and flaked Dinkel (Triticum spelt). Once widely grown throughout Europe, Dinkel was replaced by common day wheat. This beer was elegantly hopped with whole cone Motueka for a more traditional and rustic feel.

Brown butter, toasted almonds, and warm honeycomb. Golden fields of summer hung hay, preserved lemon and a dusting of lime zest.

View Dinkel Helles - Spelt lager

Standing strong, proud and tall hails the King of the forest; King Kauri. Seeded at the Birkenhead Brewing Company Tasting Studio in Auckland, the minds behind BBC and Alibi Brewing Co. came up with the idea to recreate one of the best WCIPAs brewed in this fair land - BBC’s King Kauri Double IPA. With much admiration and respect for this beer, we worked to create something as powerful as the original. The same biscuit coloured malt base was brewed, where the original hop bill was tweaked to give it a modern edge. King Kauri features Chinook, Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic, Simcoe Cryo and Motueka hop Kief.

View King Kauri - DWCIPA

As evenings extend well into the night, fireworks crack and the aromas of summer start to fill the air, our Helles Bock is there to be enjoyed as a moment of comfort in these saviourable times. Golden in colour and richly flavoured with a blend of  Bohemian floor malted pilsner and Vienna malts, whilst being thoughtfully bittered with Saphir hops. This Bock was cellared for more than 6 weeks at ice cool temperatures.

View Helles Bock

Like a couple of eggs in the same nest come this Pigeon pair of IPA’s.

The duo highlight the radiance of New Zealand-grown hops, yet they are distinct enough to showcase their unique styles. This unfiltered NZ IPA is a complex snuggery of Pilsner, wheat and malted oats, serving as a cozy base for the most sought-after South Island hops: Nelson Sauvin, Riwaka, and Moteuka SubZero hop Kief™

View Unfiltered NZ IPA

Like two eggs sharing the same nest, come this Pigeon pair of IPA’s.

Both beers are designed to showcase the irrepressible glory of New Zealand grown hops, yet are contrasting enough to exhibit stylistic differences. The Bright NZ IPA is a bassinet woven from Pilsner and Vienna malts that cradles the bright, bold and sprightly flavours of Southern Cross, Nelson Sauvin Riwaka and Rakau SubZero hop Kief™.

View Bright NZ IPA

Constructed from a base of Pilsner malt, a moderate amount of locally grown rye corn, and the smallest spark of continental Vienna malt, Wooden Overcoat is bright, golden and bitter. This IPA is hopped 6 feet under and back with the most pungent Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic Cryo and Rakau SubZero hop Kief™.

View Wooden Overcoat - Bright Rye IPA

Check your letterbox for our riotous new take on a subtle classic, the West Coast pilsner!

This snappy take on this style continues to use local and international pilsner malts and is fermented with a lager strain well suited for hop-forward beers.

View Greetings from Waiheke Volume 2

As the crepuscular light dissipates to black, time begins to pass more slowly. Fires light and the dew settles. This is the moment for the Bernalator.  Born from our love of lager beer, this malt forward “Liquid Bread” doppelbock dunkel has a deep mahogany hue from the use of German Munich and specialty malts. Bernalator has been lagered near freezing for 6 weeks, yet warms the soul and lightens the head. A real delicacy for those to savour.

View Bernalator - Doppelbock

Ahoyhoy landlubber and Welcome to Snappy’s. Today's special comes HOT off the grill: a modern take on the classic American Amber Ale. A blend of the finest Vienna, Amber and Chocolate rye are carefully brought together to create  a brilliant and crustacean like Amber Ale.  Salted in the kettle with a couple of shakes of citrusy Centennial and Citra then wrapped up with a classic double dry hopping of freshly battered and pelletized Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial hops.

View Snappy's - American Amber Ale

Auckland, a narrow piece of land nuzzled between two buddies of water. This Both Coast Pale Ale brings together the best brewing fashions from the West and East coasts. We carefully selected a crisp and dry water profile, hopped during the boil with the dankest Columbus and Citra hops, and fermented it with a neutral west coast ale yeast. Combined with a pillowy oat and wheat malt bill, BUDDY! is rounded off with Galaxy at a very silly east coast hopping rate. Your  B U D D Y !

View Buddy - Both Coast Pale Ale

View Pilsner Bier

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