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Rosé 2022 Twin Pack and Estate Wildflower Honey


Show your love and create special memories this summer with a triple taste of Tantalus. Beautifully packaged to arrive as a wonderful gift.

Tantalus Rosé
Vibrant and deep raspberry in colour, this Bordeaux-inspired blend bursts with refreshing flavours of ripe berries and cream. Clean, crisp and complex with a lingering finish, the Tantalus Estate Rosé 2022 is the perfect partner to an antipasto platter on a sunny summer’s day.

Wildflower Honey (375g):
Tantalus Estate hand harvested honey. Intensely aromatic with a hint of spice. Dreamy vanilla, hints of cooked butter, and warm, earthy undertones. 100% pure, unfiltered and cold extracted.
Crystallization, and the protective layer of wax at the top, are both naturally occurring.