Tantalus Estate Wildflower Honey

Intensely aromatic with a hint of spice. Dreamy vanilla, hints of cooked butter, and warm, earthy undertones. 

100% pure, unfiltered and cold extracted.
Crystallization, and the protective layer of wax at the top, are both naturally occurring.


For the love of bees. With sustainability at the heart of our philosophy, our hard working honey bees help us to manage a balance of biodiversity across the Estate. These amazing creatures have 20 acres to forage for food including; native forests and wetlands, macadamia and olive groves, landscaped flower gardens surrounding the restaurant, and of course our juicy grapes. The bees spread their love and then bring deliciousness back to their hives. This is what gives our Tantalus Estate honey its unique flavour.  

Tantalus Estate Winemaker, Alex Perez, is our Beekeeper. An avid proponent of everything bees, Alex is in control of honey making from the hive to the jar.  He nurtures the bees and their hives throughout the year, and in summer extracts their flowing golden goodness. Throughout the year, Alex collaborates with Executive Chef Gideon Landman and Alibi Brewer, Bernard Neate, to incorporate the honey into the Estate Restaurant menu and into our seasonally brewed craft beers.  Alex describes the honey as a delicate food composed of monosaccharides, amino acids, enzymes, phenolics, vitamins and minerals. There is a whole lot of love for bees in every spoonful.